Tooth Coloured Fillings

A tooth filling is a procedure that restores damage to a tooth by bringing it back to its normal function and shape. Most fillings are done to prevent further damage to the teeth. Damage is caused by decay, and decay is most often the result of poor oral hygiene. By closing off spaces where bacteria can enter, a filling also helps prevent any further decay to the tooth.  

At Charlestown Dental Centre, our dentists are experts at providing comfortable and professional tooth fillings. The process of tooth filling involves a dentist removing the decay from the tooth,  and cleaning the infected area. The dentist will then fill the cleaned out cavity with a filling material such as gold, porcelain and tooth-coloured composite resin. 

Get a silver-free smile with Charlestown Dental Centre’s tooth coloured fillings

Tooth coloured fillings are the perfect cosmetic choice because they are colour-matched to your teeth. Our dentists are even able to replace older fillings with new tooth coloured fillings, for those who want to remove silver from their smiles. Our tooth coloured fillings are also effective for children’s dentistry. At Charlestown Dental Centre, we don’t want your children’s confidence to be affected by an unsightly smile! We proudly offer tooth coloured filling to prevent further cavity damages to children’s teeth as well.

The best way to prevent cavities is by brushing and flossing regularly and attending your scheduled dental appointments. Only a dentist can detect whether or not you need a filling. That is why it is so important to regularly visit your dentist for oral health checkups.  If you need to book a dental check up, give us a call today!

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