Family and General Dentistry

Providing a relaxing environment for the entire family

Sick of having to book separate appointments for all members of your family? At Charlestown Dental Centre, we understand how frustrating this can be, that’s why we offer family appointments. Avoid multiple trips to the dentist, we can check the oral health of your whole family in one booking!

Charlestown Dental Centre proudly offers dentistry to meet the needs of all members of your family. We understand that different treatment options and preventative measures are suitable for different stages of your life. We have the knowledge and experience to deliver the best possible care throughout you and your family’s lifetime. At Charlestown Dental, we aim to keep your smile healthy, no matter how young or old you are.

Our general family dentist appointments focus on the overall health of your mouth, teeth, gums and soft tissue. It’s important to have regular check ups so we can detect and treat problems as soon as they occur. We usually recommend 6-monthly checkups and can book your whole family’s checkups together to save you valuable time.

We understand that trips to the dentist can be a daunting experience, especially for young children. Having the support of  a parent or family member may make the experience more comfortable. Here at Charlestown Dental Centre we go to great extremes to make you feel at ease. We try to make our practice as relaxing as possible, as well as stimulating and entertaining so that you can truly enjoy your visit with us.

Book a family appointment to make your dental experience as convenient as possible

If you and your children both need a dental check-up at the same time, please tell our friendly receptionists. We will be happy to schedule you in one convenient group booking. This is really great for time-conscious families, who choose this option to avoid multiple trips to the dentist.

We know it’s hard to juggle family commitments. We will make your appointment as quick and easy as possible, allowing you more time to spend time with your loved ones.

We also offer additional family treatments, to find out more about these services please see:

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