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Need an Emergency Dentist in Newcastle?


Charlestown Dental Centre knows that life is about having fun which means you can’t protect your teeth 100% of the time…

Although some of us may uphold and maintain the best dental hygiene routines sometimes we simply cannot see a dental emergency coming. At Charlestown Dental Centre we are understanding of all dental emergencies and allow time each day for emergency walk-ins. If you are currently suffering from a dental emergency we recommend you see a dentist as soon as possible on the same day as the accident or occurrence.

Avoid dental emergencies with some simple steps

Sometimes accidents are unavoidable; however you can still take steps to ensure your teeth are safe in everyday activities. In order to avoid sudden tooth pain brought on by cavities it is recommended that you monitor your sugar intake and brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss before bed. If you regularly play sport then you should wear a quality mouth guard to ensure your teeth are protected while you’re on the field, pitch or court. This will help you avoid painful and often expensive sporting accidents which may result in tooth loss.

Charlestown Dental Centre provides exceptional emergency care and can assist you in the event of an accident which has affected your teeth.

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