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Here at Charlestown Dental Centre we are passionate about educating our patients. This means we have a very open policy when it comes to dental enquiries and we are more than happy to help you understand our treatments or the definitions of some dental ailments.

What’s the difference between dentures and dental implants?

Dental implants are the permanent solution to a missing tooth…
Dentures are ‘removable teeth’ that are usually connected to a synthetic gum-like support, while dental implants are actually joined to the mouth permanently so that you can have a beautiful smile every second of the day, every day!

Will I definitely have to get my wisdom teeth out?

Wisdom teeth extraction is a common concern for a lot of young people…
Not everyone has to have their wisdom teeth extracted because some people’s mouths are large enough to accommodate their size. If you do end up having to have your wisdom teeth extracted then you can rest assured that Charlestown Dental Centre will make your experience as comfortable as possible.

What causes cavities and how can I avoid them?

Cavities can be a painful and damaging dental problem…
Cavities are caused by secretions made by bacteria on the teeth known as plaque. Plaque occurs from lack of dental hygiene or ineffective teeth brushing and flossing. You can protect yourself against plaque damage, tooth decay and cavities by brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing once before bed and visiting Charlestown Dental Centre at least twice a year.

I’m scared of the dentist and a little embarrassed… what can I do?
Here at Charlestown Dental Centre we are here to help…

Our dentists always have their patients’ best interests at heart. If you suffer from dental phobia feel free to notify our receptionists when you make your appointment. This will ensure that your dentist understands your concerns and that he or she can also help guide you through this difficult ailment.

I want celebrity-perfect teeth, how can I achieve this look?

The ‘celebrity smile’ is a highly sought after attribute…
In order to get that picture-perfect celebrity smile which we all yearn you’ll need to straighten and whiten your teeth. We offer orthodontic treatments to help straighten your teeth as well as whitening treatments to put a sparkle in your smile. If you are concerned about the shape of your teeth or if you want an easier solution ask one of our dentists about porcelain veneers which can enhance your smile in one single appointment.

I hate my gummy grin… how can I get my dream smile?

A gummy smile can affect self-confidence and self-esteem…
If cameras make you anxious due to your sizeable gums it may be time to ask one of the dentists at Charlestown Dental Centre how they can help. We have the latest gum-recontouring technology which can enhance your smile in one single appointment. The soft tissue laser can alter the tissue in the mouth, exposing more of your teeth and evening out the teeth to gum ratio.

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