Intra Oral Camera Treatments

Diagnose dental concerns and keep track of treatment with minimal invasiveness.

Intra oral cameras are a revolutionary imaging device used by dentists around the world to examine the inside of the mouth through instant, high-quality photographs and videos. These visuals support advanced diagnostics and digital record keeping, in turn streamlining your dental experience.

At Charlestown Dental Centre, we use an intra oral camera to accelerate your journey to a healthier smile without being too invasive. Plus, see the images for yourself through our state-of-the-art computer software.


What is an intra oral camera?

An intraoral camera is a tiny handheld imaging device that takes photographs and videos of the inside of your mouth. Unlike x-rays, which use electromagnetic radiation to form a visual of your internal facial structure, an intra oral camera shows the outside of your teeth and gums in high resolution.  

Previously, dentists had to rely solely on mirrors and lights when examining an oral cavity, which only offered a partial and obstructed view. Now, intra oral cameras present sharp images of the insides of your mouth on a computer screen for ultimate clarity and convenience. With visibility over even the smallest anomalies, your dentist can diagnose issues such as fractures, cavities and lumps with unparalleled precision before they become serious.

At Charlestown Dental Centre, we leverage intra oral technology every day as standard. We are proud to use this innovative device to identify concerns such as tooth decay and educate our patients throughout treatment.


Discover the advantages of using an intra oral camera

Accurate diagnosis

Many dental conditions are difficult to spot with the naked eye. An intra oral camera overcomes this obstacle, enabling your dentist to identify even the smallest issues. This device can also be connected to a computer monitor next to your dental chair, showing you its images in real time. 

Before and afters

An intraoral camera makes ‘before and afters’ better than ever. This is particularly handy when replacing an amalgam filling with a composite resin filling, given the visual contrast between the two. You’ll soon appreciate just how much of a difference the right dental treatment can make!

Dental records

With intra oral images, it is easy to add photos to your digital dental record. These photographs and videos can also be shared at the click of a button with any specialists involved in your dental care, such as health insurance companies or lab technicians.

Intra oral massage

This device can also be used for intra oral massage. That may strike you as slightly unusual. However, intra oral massage can be very useful for patients. This treatment helps to alleviate stress, excessive gum chewing, clenching or grinding issues, and injuries or pain in the jaw.

Low dose intra oral digital X-rays

Our intra oral camera uses a low dose intra oral digital X-ray to reduce the risk of health complications caused by x-ray technology. 

This means that your child will be protected by the low dose rays of the intra oral camera while we gain insight into their teeth development. It helps the dentist identify signs of overcrowding in the mouth which can indicate a need for braces later in life. In turn, you’ll be able to save and budget for the treatment that your child may require down the line.


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Frequently asked questions

How does an intra oral camera work?

An intra oral camera is a wand-like device with a lens and light at one end, and a cord connected to a computer monitor at the other. The light helps to illuminate the oral cavity so that your dentist can angle the camera accordingly.

Intraoral cameras are also designed to be incredibly user-friendly, with an auto-focus and focus range features that help your dentist to hone in on target areas for high-precision diagnostics. 

Most dental professionals (us included!) believe that this approach to examination is far more efficient and accurate for identifying and diagnosing dental issues than using only traditional tools, like a headlamp and a mirror.

Is the intra oral camera safe?

Yes. Intra oral cameras have been purpose-designed for dental applications and therefore are totally safe and comfortable for use inside your mouth.

Will you use an intra oral camera at every dental appointment?

No. This technology isn’t required for every dental appointment. Your dentist will generally only use an intra oral camera to determine a diagnosis or to search for symptoms of tooth decay during a dental checkup.

What should I expect from an intra oral image?

Intra oral images are very high quality, showing you the area of concern in exquisite detail. In fact, you may be surprised at what you find if you have never seen your mouth up close with such precision before. Your dentist will explain exactly what the image is showing as they examine your oral cavity.

As well as providing visual proof of the dentist’s diagnosis, intra oral images help to monitor progress throughout your treatment and showcase the full results afterwards.

Is the cost included in my treatment?

Yes. To confirm the cost of your dental treatment plan, please book an appointment for Invisalign in Newcastle today.



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