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Intraoral Treatments

Intraoral Treatments

The Intraoral Camera

The Intraoral Camera minimises invasiveness

The intraoral camera is a small device that enables us to get quality photographs of your teeth without the need to be too invasive. We can also show you live-action photographs of your teeth through our computer software.

Low Dose Intra Oral Digital X-Rays

Low Dose Intra Oral Digital X-Rays reduce the risk of health complications caused by x-ray technology

This means that your child will be protected by the low dose rays of the intra oral camera and you’ll be able to gain insight into their teeth development. This helps the dentist identify signs of overcrowding in the mouth which can indicate a need for braces later in life. By getting an early notification of overcrowding, you’ll be able to save and budget for the treatment that your child may require later in life.